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2017 Our ‘Year of Doing’

Today marks the end of what is always a really busy and important period of any season. Christmas and New Year are a huge challenge for us with chalets being busy, our chalet team still learning the ropes and guests rightly expecting the great food and service that we are known for.

Our amazing team (Sam, Lynn and Andy), have been working really hard to start the season with a bang. Both our chalets have been full of happy, well fed guests who have been making the most of the early season conditions. Sam, who worked in St Joseph last season and is in Les Cabris this year, has already earned our first TripAdvisor review of the season. It is, we are pleased to report, a five star beauty.

Now that the busy festive period is over, Heather and I can start to prepare for the year ahead. As many of you will know we have had a busy couple of years. Outside of Alpine Ethos we have been bringing up our little boy Jake (now two and a half) and renovating a house a few minutes from Les Allues. These changes meant a change for the business too, with an additional chalet (Chalet Les Cabris), more guests to look after and Heather and I taking ourselves out of the daily running of Chalet St Joseph. Whilst the amazing teams we have had during the last two seasons and this current one have helped us maintain our high standards we are ready move our little company forward again.

So, we are looking at 2017 as a year of more doing and action for us. While we have been attending to multiple spinning plates we have become increasingly aware that we have been living in the mountains but not really LIVING in the mountains. We have been busy running the business but not pushing the business forward. This year we plan to change that.

With the discovery of some pretty cool and inspiring resources  (more on this in future blogs) Heather and I are pledging anew to innovate and improve what we do in the chalets, helping more people have amazing holidays in the beautiful mountains we call home. The biggest change will come this summer when we will welcome our first guests on our guided mountain biking holidays. But outside of this we are hoping to be able to announce some exciting changes to other elements of what we offer in the summer and the winter.

It isn’t just the business we are looking to improve. Having spent the last two years ensuring we can live here as a family we now plan to make more of being here. We believe that doing what we love and feeling impassioned by it makes us better at providing the best holidays to our guests, so this winter we hope to spend more time on the slopes rediscovering the fantastic resort we live in. This might mean we are still wearing our salopettes when we collect you in the minibus (so thanks in advance for your understanding!) Outside of the winter we’re planning to cover lots of ground on two wheels, in hiking boots and in trainers and reconnect with our beautiful surroundings. To do this we will need to fuel up which means lots of menu testing – good news for anyone who stays with us!

We are calling 2017 our ‘year of doing’ and we’re hoping it will make us better, fitter and happier and help us push Alpine Ethos to new heights. Keep an eye out for more blogs, photos and updates in the coming weeks.   We also have a few ideas we will share with you that we’d love to hear your feedback on.

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and positive 2017 from Andy, Heather and Jake.

Increase your ‘hygge’ and your happiness…

A lot has been written lately about the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hoogah).  According to Visit Denmark hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Here at Alpine Ethos we reckon you can’t get much closer to hygge heaven than on one of our ski holidays.

An important element of hygge is being kind to yourself with food, it’s all about eating heartily and happily which is definitely a concept we believe in.  We plan and cook all of our meals from scratch to provide a hearty, varied, tasty menu with something for everyone whether you’re a cheese, meat or chocolate-lover. Aside from that, you can’t get more warming and hearty than a good fondue, raclette or tartiflette – staple dishes of our local mountain restaurants!

Hygge is also all about to making your surroundings more cosy and delightful to spend time in with soft furnishings, candles and more.  Our chalets are both warm and cosy places with comfy sofas, underfloor heating and hot tubs to really indulge yourself in after a day on the slopes. Chalet Les Cabris also has a wood burning stove for that extra heart (and feet) warming sensation.

The final important ingredient in hygge is spending time with friends and family which is apparently key to staying happy and sane. Recent literature on the subject concludes that embracing hygge has led to Denmark being one of the happiest nations on the planet.  Who are we to argue?  So why not get some more hygge in your life, get your diary out and make a date with your gang to visit an Alpine Ethos chalet this winter?

A bientôt!  Heather & Andy

Why there has never been a better time to go on a catered ski holiday

With Brexit having the effect of reducing the value of the pound against the euro (now at around 1.17 euros the to the pound compared to 1.35 euros to the pound this time last year), there has never been a better time to book a catered ski holiday.

We, like the majority of British catered chalet operators, have fixed our prices in pounds.  We include the majority of your meals for the week and can help you find and pre-book other elements of your stay including transfers, equipment hire, lift passes and lessons for the best prices possible.  This gives you the security of knowing your costs before you leave the UK and not coming back from holiday to find your holiday has cost more than you had anticipated.

Here is a bit more about those great budget-saving reasons to stay with us here in Meribel this winter:

  • Free WiFi in the chalets and several free WiFi hotspots on the slopes in Meribel and 3 Valleys too (say no to roaming charges!)
  • Filling chalet meals – fill your boots at breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner
  • Delicious chalet wine served with every evening meal
  • An honesty fridge in each chalet with cheap beers, wine, soft drinks and snacks (a lot cheaper than drinking in the bars)
  • Knowledgeable hosts who can point you in the direction of the bars’ happy hours and cheap mountainside lunch stops / the best picnic areas
  • Discounts with our partners such as Slide Candy for equipment hire (and Verre Gourmand our wine suppliers – more about this coming soon)
  • A discount for booking your lift passes through us in advance rather than buying them at the lift pass office

So what are you waiting for? Check out our prices and availability and get in touch to make the most of your ski / snowboarding holiday this winter.

Heather & Andy

What does the referendum result mean for this ski season?

Before the referendum there was a lot written by Brits in the ski industry (who are all pro-remain without exception for obvious reasons) about the effect Brexit would have on your ski holiday. This was all in an attempt to wake people up to the fact that European holidays would become more expensive if we left the EU and to convince people to vote remain. And with the argument that the pound would lose value against the Euro, changes could be made to the freedom of movement of Brits employed in ski resorts and other elements that would be up for renegotiation such as mobile phone roaming fees and reciprocal healthcare arrangements via the EHIC system there was plenty to persuade us to keep the status quo.

Unfortunately, the majority of voters in the referendum didn’t share the ski industry’s concerns.  So with a British exit from the EU on the cards in the next few years what now?

Well, the answer as far as we are concerned is not a lot.  Don’t get us wrong, we are extremely concerned for the future of the British ski industry in Europe and our livelihood in particular but in the short term very little will change whilst we are still a member state of the EU.

Alpine Ethos is still able to enjoy the freedom to second people from the UK taking career breaks or gap years to come and work in our chalets and experience life in one of France’s premier ski resorts.  Guests and employees can still benefit from the EHIC system in case of accident or illness, use their mobile phones with every decreasing roaming charges etc etc.

The one thing we can’t guarantee is how the pound will fare against the Euro. To date the exchange rate has worsened for British holiday makers however you can mitigate against the effect of this by booking your catered ski holiday with us.  How? Easy, you pay us in pounds (as you always have) and relax safe in the knowledge that you are going to enjoy a fantastic holiday. We have weathered poor exchange rates before and have built contingencies into our business model.  We have a proven track record of 7 years in business in the 3 Valleys with nearly 90 excellent TripAdvisor reviews to back us up. Your ski holiday is in safe hands with us.

To save your euros during your stay you can fill your boots at breakfast time with our continental spread and daily hot option, quiz us on the best value lunch stops around the 3 Valleys (we know them all!) and head back after a fun day on the slopes for cake, a 3 course meal and wine. You can also buy your 3 Valley ski lift pass through us saving 15 euros off the price of buying it at the lift pass office and speak to us about best value providers for transfers and ski lessons.  A catered chalet holiday with knowledgeable, helpful hosts (as opposed to a self-catered stay) has never made more sense.

And what if things are to change for the worse in terms of travel to Europe as/when the exit is completed? Well, there’s no time like the present to make the most of the EU and get yourself out here on the slopes.  We’re taking bookings right now so get in touch and let’s make the most of the fact that we are still European citizens!!!

Our Guide to What’s New in the 3 Valleys for 2015-16

New ski lifts

Combes 1 & 2 – The biggest development in Meribel has been a total reshaping of the Mont de la Challe area of Mottaret (where the pistes come into Mottaret centre from Meribel direction).  Three old chairlifts (of the ‘hit you in the back of the legs and tip you off at the top’ variety) have been replaced with one bigger, faster, modern chairlift with a mid-station for more comfort and convenience.

St Martin Express – Just over on the St Martin side from Meribel the St Martin 2 lift has been completely revamped now travelling at higher speeds and carrying 6 passengers on each chair significantly reducing queuing time and time on the lift itself. The chairs will also have wind covers to protect you from face freeze in the colder months.

Bettex chairlift – The old Bettex lift in Les Menuires has been revamped and extended to reach the top of the Violette piste.

New pistes

Mottaret – The slopes below the new Combes 1 lift have been reshaped making them easier for beginners to access Mottaret centre from Meribel.

Lory piste – this is a great addition to the piste map, a run from the reasonably new Thorens Funitel down to Orelle, the ‘fourth’ valley.

Chasse piste – another great addition that links the Pluviometre run in VT to Boulevard Cumin down to Les Menuires.

Bouquetin run – an extension above the existing blue run on La Masse means that less advanced skiers can make the most of this awesome and often quiet face.

Montagnettes piste – another new dedicated beginner (green) run into Les Menuires.

Plan du Vah – Courchevel have reinstated a run that used to go down through the woods from the bottom of the Creux run (by Aiguille du Fruit and Roc Mugnier lifts) down to a bus stop on the road between Courchevel 1650 and 1850. 

Free wifi on the slopes!

You really will be able to make your friends jealous of your ski holiday this season. Meribel has been busy installing free wifi hubs which you will find at the top of the Saulire Express, the top of the Tougnete 2 chairlift, the top of the Altiport lift and at the Moonpark hut too. There are also already a number of hubs in Val Thorens.

Race your friends!

Race your friends and family on a timed and filmed parallel slalom course located just below the Dent de Burgin chairlift on the Saulire side of the valley.

With all of these new elements improving on what was already an epic ski domain. What are you waiting for? Get in touch, come and stay and get out there!

Heather & Andy