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Increase your ‘hygge’ and your happiness…

A lot has been written lately about the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hoogah).  According to Visit Denmark hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Here at Alpine Ethos we reckon you can’t get much closer to hygge heaven than on one of our ski holidays.

An important element of hygge is being kind to yourself with food, it’s all about eating heartily and happily which is definitely a concept we believe in.  We plan and cook all of our meals from scratch to provide a hearty, varied, tasty menu with something for everyone whether you’re a cheese, meat or chocolate-lover. Aside from that, you can’t get more warming and hearty than a good fondue, raclette or tartiflette – staple dishes of our local mountain restaurants!

Hygge is also all about to making your surroundings more cosy and delightful to spend time in with soft furnishings, candles and more.  Our chalets are both warm and cosy places with comfy sofas, underfloor heating and hot tubs to really indulge yourself in after a day on the slopes. Chalet Les Cabris also has a wood burning stove for that extra heart (and feet) warming sensation.

The final important ingredient in hygge is spending time with friends and family which is apparently key to staying happy and sane. Recent literature on the subject concludes that embracing hygge has led to Denmark being one of the happiest nations on the planet.  Who are we to argue?  So why not get some more hygge in your life, get your diary out and make a date with your gang to visit an Alpine Ethos chalet this winter?

A bientôt!  Heather & Andy

Chalet Les Cabris update

Wow, this summer has flown by and with bookings and enquiries flooding our inbox our minds are firmly in winter mode. To spread the wintery vibe we thought an update on the progress of our new chalet was in order.

We have been keeping a regular eye on progress as we’ve walked through the village and have had several catch ups with the landlady and project manager too.

Since our last blog a lot has happened.  The roof was put on and the whole building made weather-tight.

Chalet Les Cabris mid build
Chalet Les Cabris with the roof on

The interior walls went up and we know from the project manager that a lot of insulation has gone in.  Here you can see the underfloor heating has been laid too.

Chalet Les Cabris with underfloor heating laid
Chalet Les Cabris with underfloor heating laid

Since then the floor has been tiled and the exterior has been clad in the local stone from the original barn.  We hope you’ll agree it looks great so far.

Chalet Les Cabris with stone cladding
Chalet Les Cabris with stone cladding

We saw the construction team last week who were preparing the wooden boards to clad the top half of the chalet. They also confirmed that a lot of the fittings for the interior had been purchased and perhaps most excitingly, the hot tub for the terrace! They are confident the chalet will be finished during November when we will have access to take professional photos for our website.  We will be posting more updates as the winter approaches.  The chalet will open on Saturday 13th December.  If you would like to be the very first guests to stay in Chalet Les Cabris (or would like to stay any other time this season) do get in touch.

Progress at Chalet Les Cabris

We said we would keep you updated as Chalet Les Cabris takes shape. This is how it looked when we wandered past on Sunday evening….ok, it’s not pretty (yet) but the first floor is up.

Chalet Les Cabris gets a first floor
Chalet Les Cabris gets a first floor

The metal work and services have already been run up ready for the second floor.

Chalet Les Cabris metalwork for the 2nd floor
Chalet Les Cabris metalwork for the 2nd floor

This is the view inside the first floor which will be the lounge, dining room and kitchen.

Chalet Les Cabris Inside the first floor
Chalet Les Cabris Inside the first floor

You can see Heather having a chat with the landlord/project manager inside.  He confirmed the second floor would be going up this week followed by the roof timbers the week after.  This is great progress and keeps things very much on track for the grand opening in early December.  More photos soon!


Progress at Chalet Les Cabris

This a little picture blog about our new chalet for next season, Chalet Les Cabris. We hope you like it….

Chalet Les Cabris started life as a traditional Savoyarde barn…

Chalet Les Cabris pre-renovation
Chalet Les Cabris pre-renovation

With planning permission granted, work got underway on 1st April 2014 dismantling the existing structure to turn it into an 8 person chalet and a one bedroom apartment with parking.

Chalet les Cabris being dismantled
The barn is dismantled from the roof down

And by the end of April there was nothing left but a hole in the ground…

Hole where a chalet will be
This is where the old barn was and the new chalet and apartment will be

But then, from the ground, the new chalet started to rise…

First wall of Chalet Les Cabris
The first wall of the chalet, 1st May 2014

And by 14th May it looked like this…

Chalet Les Cabris 14 May 2014
The building work is progressing quickly

We’re looking forward to seeing the building grow over the summer until it looks a bit like this…

Architect's drawing of Chalet Les Cabris
Architect’s drawing of Chalet Les Cabris

We’ll be keeping our picture blog updated as the build moves along. In the meantime if you would like to take advantage of our special offer of a 15% discount on all winter 2014-15 bookings in Chalet Les Cabris get in touch before 1st June (that’s when the offer expires).