What does the referendum result mean for this ski season?

Before the referendum there was a lot written by Brits in the ski industry (who are all pro-remain without exception for obvious reasons) about the effect Brexit would have on your ski holiday. This was all in an attempt to wake people up to the fact that European holidays would become more expensive if we left the EU and to convince people to vote remain. And with the argument that the pound would lose value against the Euro, changes could be made to the freedom of movement of Brits employed in ski resorts and other elements that would be up for renegotiation such as mobile phone roaming fees and reciprocal healthcare arrangements via the EHIC system there was plenty to persuade us to keep the status quo.

Unfortunately, the majority of voters in the referendum didn’t share the ski industry’s concerns.  So with a British exit from the EU on the cards in the next few years what now?

Well, the answer as far as we are concerned is not a lot.  Don’t get us wrong, we are extremely concerned for the future of the British ski industry in Europe and our livelihood in particular but in the short term very little will change whilst we are still a member state of the EU.

Alpine Ethos is still able to enjoy the freedom to second people from the UK taking career breaks or gap years to come and work in our chalets and experience life in one of France’s premier ski resorts.  Guests and employees can still benefit from the EHIC system in case of accident or illness, use their mobile phones with every decreasing roaming charges etc etc.

The one thing we can’t guarantee is how the pound will fare against the Euro. To date the exchange rate has worsened for British holiday makers however you can mitigate against the effect of this by booking your catered ski holiday with us.  How? Easy, you pay us in pounds (as you always have) and relax safe in the knowledge that you are going to enjoy a fantastic holiday. We have weathered poor exchange rates before and have built contingencies into our business model.  We have a proven track record of 7 years in business in the 3 Valleys with nearly 90 excellent TripAdvisor reviews to back us up. Your ski holiday is in safe hands with us.

To save your euros during your stay you can fill your boots at breakfast time with our continental spread and daily hot option, quiz us on the best value lunch stops around the 3 Valleys (we know them all!) and head back after a fun day on the slopes for cake, a 3 course meal and wine. You can also buy your 3 Valley ski lift pass through us saving 15 euros off the price of buying it at the lift pass office and speak to us about best value providers for transfers and ski lessons.  A catered chalet holiday with knowledgeable, helpful hosts (as opposed to a self-catered stay) has never made more sense.

And what if things are to change for the worse in terms of travel to Europe as/when the exit is completed? Well, there’s no time like the present to make the most of the EU and get yourself out here on the slopes.  We’re taking bookings right now so get in touch and let’s make the most of the fact that we are still European citizens!!!