Our commitment to equality

It’s been snowing really hard, right down to the valley bottom and is set to continue through to Friday. Preparations for the season are going really well and we’re looking forward to what we hope will be an amazing winter season for all our guests, staff, friends and family.

This is what we would prefer to be talking about but with recent political events and what appears to be the prevailing political climate we want to make something explicit that we hope has always been implicit about how we run our company, conduct our affairs and look after our guests and staff.

We want to make it known that we will welcome and respect our guests, employees, business partners, competitors and anyone we deal with regardless of age, race, caste, creed, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender or gender identity, marriage or civil partnership status, political opinion or affiliation, sexual orientation, socio-economic background or any other distinction.

By way of this commitment we hope to continue to promote and provide a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere for all our guests.

As a family run business how we conduct ourselves in our day to day lives has a huge impact in our mental well being and in a world which seems intent on becoming more divided we feel it is all the more important for us to stand up for equality and fairness as the most important pillars of any society.

The “Our ethos” page on our site has been updated to reflect this message.

Andy and Heather

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